Tim Stimson
B.A. (Hons), P.G.C.E., M.A.

Tim’s involvement in art began with the practical; for a number of years he was a professional painter/ ceramicist in Scotland and Wales, before returning to university to study literature and the history of art, then training to teach adults.

For the last 30 years Tim has been a freelance cultural/art historian, specialising in 17th and 19th century art and society. Tim has recently completed a second lecture tour of Australia.

Tim has lectured for Cambridge University, the WEA, The Arts Society (previously known as NADFAS) and The Art Fund, and presents residential study courses in Britain and Europe.


Dear Friends, I hope you are all keeping safe and well in these strange and challenging times.

During the Covid 19 pandemic it has been impossible to present my lectures in person, and although many of us are now vaccinated, and restrictions are for the time being, lifted, I know that some of you will still be cautious; so here at TimStimsonArts we will continue to present lectures via Zoom.

Our colleagues at the Art Society are still taking bookings for lectures via Zoom and

the W.E.A. has worked hard to make sure that courses are still available online.

Our INSIGHTS mini-series, and monthly one hour lectures have been very successful, and here is some of the feedback we have received from participants - 

"Very many thanks, Tim, for a most enlightening and fascinating talk. Looking forward to next week’s lecture and the brilliant art you show and the context you give."

"Thank you for today’s lecture.  It was a fascinating roam around a neglected corner of Victorian England." 

"Excellent. I thoroughly enjoyed this"

"Wonderfully done! Really relaxed and professional. Very impressed and looking forward to next week."

We are therefore delighted to offer a new series of monthly, one hour lectures via Zoom beginning with our new Christmas Lecture and continuing in the Spring of 2022. 




Old_Christmas_riding_a_goat,_by_Robert_Seymour,_1836 - Copy.jpg



 Spirit of the North: The Golden Age                          of Nordic Art

       Tuesday 6th to Thursday 8th                           September 2022


                  The Glasgow Boys


               Friday 9th to Sunday 11th                                  September 2022



Higham is committed to providing safe face to face courses and to supporting our tutors in online teaching  

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Yorkshire Dales

           Cartoonery: English Attitudes


Tuesday 19th - Thursday 21st April 2022


Every Picture Tells A Story:

Victorian Narrative Painting

Tuesday 9th - Thursday 11th August 2022



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New online Lecture for the Festive Season             Wednesday 15th December at 11 am                                

          A Cornucopia of 

  Curious Christmas Customs






                                                            £10.00 for each lecture,          

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 NEW    W.E.A.  Courses Live & on Zoom for the Spring Term 2022

Courses on Zoom - 

                                                                                   Live Courses -

"Swedish Impressionism: Art and Society Transformed"

   Part 2

 Course code C3680294                                                                                   "Laura Knight: Newlyn and the LaterYears"

 Starting Monday 10th January 2022 and running for 11 weeks,                                    Course Code  C3680291  

 11.45am – 1.45pm                                                                                                                       Starting Friday 7th January 2022 and running for 11 weeks,

                                                                                                                                                       2.30pm - 4.30pm

                                                                                                                                                        At - Grimsby Central Hall & Arts Community Centre. 

 "The Later Pre-Raphaelites: Continued"

Course Code C3680297

Starting Tuesday 11th January 2022 and running for 11 weeks,

11.45am – 1.45pm

"Every Picture Tells a Story: Continued" 

Course Code C3680298

Starting Thursday 13th January 2022 and running for 11 weeks,

2.15pm - 4.15pm

"Swedish Impressionism: Art and Society Transformed"

   Part 3

Course code C3680295

Starting Monday 9th May 2022 and running for 10 weeks,

11.45am – 1.45pm 


PLEASE NOTE: Courses 'continued' are suitable for beginners and will include an introductory, background lecture.


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PLEASE NOTE - Most of these courses will be presented via Zoom in the Autumn 2021. See the W.E.A. website for updates.

The Tim Stimson Annual

Public Ferens Lecture

A Lecture by Tim Stimson

Honorary Patron of the Friends of the Ferens

The Ferens Art Gallery re-opened in 2017 to celebrate HULL CITY OF CULTURE, following a £4.5m makeover and is the venue for Tim's annual lecture.


A free lecture for the people of Hull hosted by The Friends of the Ferens

Lecture subject and date for 2022 to be announced

This lecture can be booked by emailing the Friends of the Ferens at chrys@hullsangel.karoo.co.uk 


My first tour of Australia in 2010 took me from Perth to the Blue Mountains outside Sydney via many exotic and outlandish places. As an inexperienced traveller I fully expected my lecture in Wagga Wagga to be housed in a corrugated iron roofed hut!

Of course,that was not the case and the Art Societies of Australia are very civilised and hospitable, and they certainly appreciate British lecturers making the long journey to speak to them.

In May 2016 my travels took me back to Sydney and thence to Cairns with a much clearer idea of what to expect of the landscape and the people.

Being a straight talking Yorkshireman myself, I feel a definite affinity with the straight talking Aussies!

Early May in Sydney was like a hot Midsummer's Day in England, though the first place I visited, Mudgee, a good many miles inland, surprised me by having frost overnight and the clearest skies I have ever seen; the Milky Way like a grey band across the sky. My hosts in Mudgee were wonderful and so welcoming.

I then travelled on to some of the towns and cities of the East Coast, Brisbane and finally to Cairns, where my itinerary included a free day, which I took advantage of by Scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef - just as wonderful as you might expect!

The most popular subject, as it was on my previous tour, was GUSTAV KLIMT, who is a great favourite amongst the Australian Art Societies.

It was after my first lecture in Mudgee that a member of the audience informed me that he had been part of the committee trying to keep the one and only Klimt painting in Australia from being sold abroad.

The history of the portrait of Hermine Gallia is fascinating. Tim Bonyhady's book ‘GOOD LIVING STREET- THE FORTUNES OF MY VIENNESE FAMILY’ tells the story of how the Gallia sisters fled Nazi persecution in 1938, arriving in Australia with not only the portrait but the whole of their Vienna Workshop interior furnishings with them.

The sisters' furniture and personal effects are now housed in the Art Gallery in Melbourne, but the portrait by Klimt eventually left Australia despite the best efforts of the Australian people to purchase it and is now in the National Gallery, London.

Many thanks to my hosts in Australia and to ADFAS for their excellent organisation and hospitality during my tour. It was a delight and a pleasure!